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We mirror an appeal of the „Berlin LeipzigTagX Plenum“, which appeared on Indymedia on 23.04.2023. Note: The information about the day of the verdict has changed in the meantime.

„There will be an anti-patriarchal block at the demo. This will be at the front of the demo and is open to all. Only trans, inter, non-binary and agender people, women and lesbians will walk in the front rows. The block is a reaction to the existing patriarchal conditons and a reminder of the need for a general feminist stance.

In the wake of Johannes Domhöver’s outcall as a rapist, it has become clear that there is a lack of awareness and stance towards sexualized violence in the anti-fascist movement. As revolutionary feminists, anti-fascism remains our conviction. For us, this means defending an anti-patriarchal perspective within antifascism.

The (non-)handling of patriarchial violence in our structures has left comrades angry, hurt, re-/traumatized, disappointmented and in lack of trust. Despite all this, we want to stand together against repression and for anti-fascism and solidarity. For us, an anti-patriarchal stance also means appreciating that people have taken great risks to attack fascist structures. In doing so, we also want to be able to criticize ourselves. This also means not leaving the judgment of our actions to the state or the media. A critical look into our own structures is fundamental, but we must not lose sight of the biggest perpetrator – the state and its repressive class justice system. We also take to the streets against this on Day X.

Revolutionary antifascism means for us to learn critically from each other. It means a clear commitment to militancy, in its different facets and despite any criminalization. It means to find together the courage to be offensive – very practically against fascist structures and benevolently against our internalized power mechanisms. Becoming dangerous to the ruling system can only be achieved trough organising. A profound, continuous learning process about our own capitalist, racist and patriarchal thinking and acting has to be part of it.

Let’s stand determined against state structures that criminalize antifascists, finance right-wing structures and deny the existence of patriarchal violence.

See you on the streets,
to Leipzig

What is wanted from the demo?
At the demo we want to be mindful of each other. Pay attention to the people around you, don’t leave anyone alone. Only together we can protect ourselves from arrests and attacks by the police, so let’s take responsibility for each other. Don’t shout against quiet and high voices, but shout along. Let’s make feminist slogans heard. Talk about your consensus of action and what you need, to feel comfortable and strong. Think in advance about how you can contribute to the (content-related) expression of the block.

How can you prepare yourselves?
If possible, do not go to the demonstration alone. If you have an affinity group, prepare yourself in advance. Think about travel to and from the demo, sharing the costs and possibly about a place to sleep.
For the demo: leave your mobile phone at home. Do not accidentally take illegal drugs or weapons like pocket knives or nail scissors. Make sure you have appropriate clothing, masks for hygiene protection, gloves, umbrella, sturdy shoes. Leave bicycles at home. If things get more stressful or take longer – is a particular vision aid better (glasses, contact lenses)? Do you need medication? Do you need hygiene items? Proof of identity? Maybe take a map of Leipzig with you and write down the phone numbers of the emergency lawyer (0341-2119313) in case things do get more repressive.

What do we expect from the cops?
Assumptions are always a thing. So far, there are no infos from the Leipzig cops about their measures. So watch out for short updates about cop activity. Preliminary controls at the train are rare (as in the case of the forbidden demo on 23.10.2022). Do expect them at the starting point of the demo.
In general, the demo orga assumes that there is an increased risk to get into a control / to have contact with the pigs at this demo, be it through pre-controls or usual cop tactics such as attacking or encircling the demo. Discuss in your affinity group what this means for you.

Travel to Leipzig from Berlin:
Means of transport (travel time each way, cost each way).

  • Flixtrain – travel time: 1,5h; costs from 5€ (book early), runs once on Saturdays and arrives at Leipzig Hbf at 16:26
  • Flixbus – travel time: 2-3h, costs from 10€ (book early!); runs hourly
  • RE – travel time: ~ 3h; costs from 14,40€ with Quer-durchs-Land ticket for outward & return journey; leaves every 1-2 hours
  • ICE – travel time: max 1hr 30min; costs from 25€ (book early); runs hourly
  • Car – travel time: 2 hours; costs ~25€.

Recommendations for the journey?

Flixtrain & Flixbus are cheapest, but one has no flexible departure times. The last Flixbuses/trains leave Leipzig already at 20:30hrs! That means a departure in the evening is likely only possible with RE and then needs an additional ticket! The last RE leaves Leipzig at 23:20 clock. With the Quer-durchs-Land ticket it is 14.40€ both ways with 5 people. The less people on the ticket, the higher the price [].

** The person in the photo is Danuta Danielsson, who hit a neo-Nazi at a demonstration with her handbag in the Swedish town of Vaxjö in 1985. Danuta Danielsson’s mother, persecuted as a Polish Jew, survived the concentration camp. Danuta was murdered through suicide in 1988.