In Solidarity with the arrested antifascists in Hungary

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On Sunday, 13. February 2023, four people were arrested in Budapest, three of them have been in the hands of the Hungarian state in pre-trial in pre-trial detention since then. The antifascists are accused of being involved in several attacks on local fascists. In this context, today, February 15, 2023, also two apartments of antifascists in Berlin were searched.

The arrests in Budapest took place in connection with the „Day of Honor„, one of the biggest marches of fascists in Europe. Every year they glorify a suicide squad of the German Wehrmacht, their Hungarian collaborators and units of the Waffen SS against the Red Army.

Various right-wing media and meanwhile also the German tabloid press report about the incidents and do not spare to publish names and pictures. At the same time they present the big Neo-Nazi parade as a non-political sporting event or conceal the context entirety and describe the attacked fascists as simple passers-by.

In a country where the fascist government unites the masses with racist and anti-Semitic statements, the hunt is hardly surprising. All major media repeat without being asked the demand of radical right-wing parties for a ban of „the Antifa“. The political situation in the country for anti-fascists, Sinti and Roma, queers and other discriminated groups have long been difficult to endure.

Behind bars are the imprisoned antifascists exposed to this hostile atmosphere, in addition to isolation. Added to this the disastrous condition of the Hungarian prisons, which are not only the oldest, but also the most overcrowded in the EU have to be mentioned.

We stand in solidarity with the imprisoned antifascists. We wish all comrades, who despite the circumstances are holding their ground against the fascist base in the country, a lot of strength. Also they need our support, now more than ever!

Free them all – Fight Fascism!